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Aquatic meet- A swimming inter-school competition

This is a inter-school swimming competition conducted by ‘the Indian public school’. This is done every year By the students of IBDP batch 1 as a part of CAS. This competition requires lot of planning and physical fitness because there is not enough communication, we had to run to get the required information. This is a bit complicated because the participants will be in different events.

We started at 9 AM the groups were announced, I was in refreshment team but the workload was high in another team which made me to volunteerly switch to other team. The work became too had and dealing with kids is challenging but I managed to some extent. My work was to send the students and mark and to keep track of 30 members[rounded off]. This was moderately tough job but I had to clarify some doubts of the outsiders and parents as this was a open selection . The problem was we dint have a proper knowledge on what is to happen and happening so we had to clarify everything with the sport coaches. This was happening repeatedly and I did not have free time as majority of members got . There were some who did not register for it which still made it more problematic . The job went collapsed after few hours due to less members and I was tired physically and mentally . We felt very good to have some work but it went on boring after a period of time. Finally I made some time for myself for eating snacks. Then I went around to get some other work to do but there were no vacancy. I was speaking with sports coaches and found some mistakes to be improved..

CAS. C – creativity : We had to plan a lot and understand the complected planing, find mistakes

A – Activity : our physical work is so high.

S – service : we have to work for participants and organizers which is service.s



The farewell is a party kind of thing which is delegated by We IBDP batch I to our seniors of IBDP batch II . It was basically to entertain them at the best possible way and with this we gain the skills of budgeting, organizing, leadership etc…

The farewell was on Friday we stated our work such as designing and arranging on Wednesday as previously planned. There were teams for each section such as Photography team which had about 3 members, they will be taken a photograph and will be in pairs . I was in the team of {corsages} and it was not to be only in particular where we had to tie up the mask and pin a flower in there suit, it is actually a part of welcoming. Then they will wall on the red carpet , finally when all the welcoming is over they would reach the seminar hall which had our 75% effort. The amazing colorful lights , the celling with lots of balloons hanging from it and the charts which had the photos floating. To engage them we had a activity, it was about giving a nick name about each person individually and our MC team will give clue about the person then they are allowed to guess the person. The time was …….. . then we had songs to be played and they had to dance and enjoy the farewell, our team was also involved in a dance performance to give them a start up. I helped to create the play-list and did learn a lot from my friends about editing. I have not edited anything before this experience gave me a good start up and motivation . The Games were 7 stones and bombing the city which resembles musical chair, the games were fun secondly this is considered to be appetizer. It was already 9 P.M the food was served and we tried our best for food but it was not as good as we expected it to be . This again took us 30 minutes to complete the dinner. We ended up with lanterns to make it more memorable our return to Hostel/home took place at 10 PM .

We felt a worth for 3 full days of hard work,

I feel I dint get any leadership chance due to smooth character but I am sure that I can manage everything properly.

SIMUN – A model conference

This is a MUN [model united nations] experience for the first time. Here i have wrote my experience on each day

14th, April At first day I found it as a waste of time because I was not able to express my suggestions and the committee was filled with first attempters and no one had a experience including myself. I found my formal costume boring too. Not every one spoke only some spoke and committee went boring. The people were new to me so I was nervous . At first interval time I got some time to prepare for my speech. I planned for my speech but unfortunately I did not speak due to my nervous feeling. Then I wrote my speech then read it out .after this I was fascinated then I spoke some 4 times and the chair person found my point as a good one. I was motivated .

15th, April at this day our costume was optional to be either traditional or formals so I was on traditional costume. This day also went slow but at a point of time I have decided to start speaking. After lunch started with UN-moderated caucus I spoke a little and there was a good response from the chair so I continued .but my problem was the language , I was not good at language but other delegates spoke more fluently even though they had only limited content. We had a meeting after the conferences where there was programs arranged to entertain .

16th, April

this the final day but I think I used the day at the most efficient of all 3 days. I spoke about 7 times but what I found wrong is the topics were elected wrong by the delegates. The topics were repeated several times but in different text . But still I manged to speak a lot and I was appreciated by the chair, which encouraged me a lot .at the end of the day we had a video shoot for the display .

Second CAS activity as a food court helper

food court is my second CAS activity an 01/April/2017. I went as a helper in the food court because it is the first food court that I am getting involved . We started our work at 3.30pm. we first arranged and and got things that are required like trash cans etc… this took as about a whole hour but I realized it is a time consuming job. The menu was so limited. The experience of food court I have learned varieties is not going to help but the taste and presentation matters. after lots of arrangement and confusion ,I got the role as server for drinks. The food court started at 4.30.first problem was it was full of north Indian beverages and as I am south I dint know about these beverages but as time goes I leaned names. my second problem was I was not able to stand for a long period of time because my work was just opposite to the AC s evaporating unit which was too high temperature. I faced lots of costumers and I also have to help the food processing people so I worked a lot. It was boring at the starting because the work was not divided and I had to wait but when it was seven,it was the peak hour there were lots of customers .it was time 9.30 by which customers reduced and at that time my energy level was zero. We stated cleaning and packing it up on 9.30 at again it took as an hour. I was happy because the litter thrown was very less and I got to know that kids are learning not to pollute the environment. We all faced other problem which is the stock,we dint have enough stock this made our group member to go get the materials again. I have learned about the customer preferences but not completely ,which I felt it is hard to learn because each time the menu has to change accordi to the audience. I also learned how hard is it to work for 9-10 hrs. the money from the food court goes to our joy of giving which is a club in our school they offer things for poor’s and physically challenged people but still I felt funding for eco-club would be more good. this CAS also gave impression that it is impossible to understand costumer preferences.


Reflection on 68 th republic day

_J.Sanjai Aadhethiya


We were assisting our juniors on seating for the flag hoist by our teachers, I understood it is not an easy job to manage a crowd. The day was so bright so we got tired before the event after a short performances by other grade people we are supposed to get on the stage by jogging. When I was jogging I felt nervous due to crowd before us .The free hand exercise was the first event ,all of the our grade students were participating in it as I made mistakes in practice session I was tensed but I managed to complete without any mistake. The second event for us is on yoga where there are three sets involved I participated in all the three sets, I got rid of my stage fear as I dint practice it on the day I was not able to complete it properly. Final event was the pyramid where they are asked to make a pyramid shape by standing on the other people. by this activity I learned to get out the fear on stage. It was a good start up for a long chain of service and activity.

_J.Sanjai Aadhethiya