Reflection on 68 th republic day

_J.Sanjai Aadhethiya


We were assisting our juniors on seating for the flag hoist by our teachers, I understood it is not an easy job to manage a crowd. The day was so bright so we got tired before the event after a short performances by other grade people we are supposed to get on the stage by jogging. When I was jogging I felt nervous due to crowd before us .The free hand exercise was the first event ,all of the our grade students were participating in it as I made mistakes in practice session I was tensed but I managed to complete without any mistake. The second event for us is on yoga where there are three sets involved I participated in all the three sets, I got rid of my stage fear as I dint practice it on the day I was not able to complete it properly. Final event was the pyramid where they are asked to make a pyramid shape by standing on the other people. by this activity I learned to get out the fear on stage. It was a good start up for a long chain of service and activity.

_J.Sanjai Aadhethiya



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